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About Project

Bilbi is building a man of her dreams, a perfect patch-collection of her previous lovers and love escapades. He is a perfect combination of everything she wanted, but there seems to be one thing lacking – sparkles are uncontainable and the nature is unpredictable – science is deaf in the face of love.

Maja Pihler is a singer/actress from Ljubljana/Slovenia, together with Gregor Stermecki they form the creative core of Bilbi band.

Camera Jure Plešec

Script Maja Pihler Bilbi and team

Mr. Right Jernej Osim

Furious neighbour Ramaida Osim

Electrons Katja Cvetnič, Zala Horvatič, Ramaida Osim, Gregor Stermecki

100 x Thanks Nina Sever and the Creative team



The job

Bilbi looking for Mr.Right in a home baked music video.


Jure Plešec

Shot on

Lumix GH2, sedna

Year: 2011
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